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We are a strategy-driven agency that is guaranteed to provide results and deliver success. We have an extensive history of building cutting-edge professional responsive websites, custom mobile applications & digital marketing solutions designed to help businesses achieve its goals. Whether you are a local business, a national business, or an international business, our tailored services will ensure to deliver incredible solutions. We excel at delivering design, consultations, and developing businesses to its maximum potential growth. G-tech Thailand, with it’s years of experience, has built an impressive portfolio that has only been possible because of our hard-working and very knowledgeable team. We believe in quality results and provide our clients with nothing short of perfection. Our testimonials speak for themselves. Here, at G-tech Thailand, our team stands united and excited to be a part of your business journey.


ThaiPlants App

For Plants and seeds sale in Thailand dealers distribution. This is a Free Platform for Thai Farmers and gardners who like to sell their products online. You can register as seller free in our Back office portal and become a member. You can add/ modify products. and Also you can set your own prompt Pay account and PayPal Merchant account inorder to direcly get the money. There is no commission for our platform. it's completely free to boost Thai economy and farmers life style we implement this. Vouchers / Delivery free promo codes and Special discount Buy one get one promotion Postcode wise shipping all can be customize by seller on their preference.


Travel Partner App

This is social network app for Toursim industry around the world. You can find travel buddy, and create your own trips and publish to others t join or you can join other travelers trips. Share your best moments upload pictures as post. Chat with directly with other travelers. Make friends. like post and comment post available. Find Hotels more than 700+ hotels listed. Find a best attraction places.


Smart Dine-Inn App

Restaurant Inhouse Order Management App Demo vesion ( Tablet Only ). This is complete Management with Back office Free Price Starts 9k THB Restaurant Owners and SME Food outlets Business Can order this from us. We can make this customize to your business. This has a new feature POS and Restatuant Dine inn Feature is avaiable in the same Application


G-Scan Me

This App can Scan Barcode or QR Codes Supported Formats :
Code 39
Code 93
Code 128
Data Matrix
EAN-8 and EAN-13
Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)
QR Code

Face Detection and Face Recognition

NFC Reader from mobile, you can tap NFC / Mifaire Cards or Chip Cards to scan


G-Medi Care

Hospital management system and patient portal A patient portal is a website or mobile app people use to view their medical records and communicate with healthcare facilities. Among other things, it allows patients to book an appointment and fill out required forms online. The patient portal takes available time slots from the practice management system and upon booking, sends appointment notifications. Smooth data exchange between the portal and practice management tool helps reduce no-shows while increasing patient engagement.

Lower cost and workload The prosperity of the organization and the ability to provide good care are undeniably linked to adequate resource distribution. Proper budgeting and a judiciously-managed workload are the keys to the finest hospital performance planning procedure. HMS allows the management to scan various monetary tasks (i.e., costs, benefits, losses, as well as paying taxes and bills and outpatient billing). Moreover, are you thinking about investigating possible business prospects? The financial awareness has you covered: you’ll definitely know what would be the right path to take. Additionally, if all records and transactions are retained in the system, it is possible to monitor all the clinical, financial, and of course, patient data. Since the software provides wide-ranging scheduling capabilities and alternatives, it obviously improves doctor-patient communication greatly. Better patient experience By making the hospital administration software notably more scalable, dependable and consistent, we thus improve patient experience and ensure that any healthcare operations are significantly more effective. In order to avoid such distressing issues as delayed care for patients requiring urgent medical attention, spot-on data management is a must. Proper management is the foundation for success, and it prevents lots of minor or major problems. A hospital management software, in particular, is going to upgrade not just the allure but also the efficacy of healthcare services for doctors and patients alike. Refined workflow Implementing a system software capable of capturing and managing all sorts of medical data, inventory, results, and reporting can lead to drastic improvements in a hospital’s cost-effectiveness. Given that the data filtering process is automated, the software ensures swift operational procedures, and humans are no longer required to undertake any repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It’s no secret that the second biggest cause of healthcare mishandling is, of course, human errors, which are easily avoided or at least greatly minimized with a proper HMS in place. This means that the likelihood of accidental duplication, record typos, or any other kind of human error is dramatically reduced.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management

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